Winteria are developing a handheld weld quality scanner together with Liebherr Excavator Division in Colmar, France. The handheld scanner, Winteria FLEXTM, will be launched during 2019.

Handheld weld quality scanner – Winteria FLEX

Martin Engman, CTO at Winteria: “We have listened to our customer needs and have tried to come up with a technical solution which not only satisfies the expressed needs, but also raises the bar of technical performance”.

Winteria FLEX used with the Tablet

Guillaume Elbel, Head of Simulation Group at Liebherr: “We have chosen to work with Winteria since they have an innovative technical solution which solves a relevant challenge in the manufacturing industry”

Winteria FLEXTM will enable quality assurance in design applications not accessible with a robot. With this product we therefore increase the flexibility of our system and we believe that Winteria FLEXTM will enable new market segments for Winteria.

Rugged tablet showing the ongoing measurement

Winteria FLEX™ will be on field testing during the autumn of 2019 and available for delivery by the end of 2019.

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