Robotic weld inspection

The winteria weld inspection system can be integrated with an industrial robot.


Robotic integration

The robotic integration of the winteria weld inspection system is very powerful for both production testing and research and development purposes.

The Winteria weld inspection system can be used with different kinds of scanners and robot brands.


High Resolution

With modern laser scanners in combination with the Winteria weld inspection software, data with extremely high resolution can be acquired


Access to data

When performing an inspection with Winteria weld inspection system, the data is accessible instantaneously from the Winteria servers.

This enables other personnel to access the data directly after the inspection and even meanwhile the operator or operators are performing the inspections.

Creating the future through measuring

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The choice of appropriate laser scanner is highly dependent on the application and the size of the features to be quality assured. The appropriate laser is selected depending on your specific needs.

A complete solution for quality assessment

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We supply a complete solution for quality assessment of manufacturing processes such as welding, cutting and bending. A laser profile scanner is used to acquire measurement data which is then analyzed and presented to the operator, production engineer or management.

Process quality can be presented either according to applicable ISO-standards or customer corporate standards

Depending of your specific needs, the system can be supplied in different hardware setups and with different modules.

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