To further increase its strategic focus Winteria has appointed Alexander von Essen as new CEO. Former CEO Eric Lindgren will continue as vice CEO and also assume the role of Chief Strategy Office. The new management team will enable Winteria to speed up its expansion.

“Effective Weld Quality Assurance is an important driver in enabling savings in both cost and material and is therefore also a key to making production processes more sustainable. This combination is super interesting, and I am really excited to join the Winteria team.” says Alexander von Essen.

Alexander has a background as a business analyst and entrepreneur and has a proven track record of building a profitable business. Before joining Winteria he recently worked with sustainable business development.

”Winteria has a huge potential and is only at the beginning of its journey. With Alexander joining us we will have the resources to focus on both strategic development and grow our sales at the same time. We are really happy to welcome him to the team” says Eric Lindgren.

Winteria is an innovation leader in weld quality assurance using advanced algorithms and SAAS to disrupt the way we think about production quality. Its cutting-edge products and services provide its customers and partners with the tools necessary to increase quality while saving both time and money.

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