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Let us tell you how Winteria can help your business and improve your welding productivity

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It is a known fact that the faster you weld the higher the risk of failure. Our experience is that several manufacturing companies follow the principle of “better really safe than sorry”. Which is logical.

However, not even trying to increase the welding speed results in a slow and inefficient process which causes unnecessary costs. Modern welding power sources are equipped with features to allow for increased welding speed, but few manufacturing companies are using those features for a number of reasons, such as inadequate experience but most importantly, fear of producing components with insufficient quality which reach the final customer.

The Winteria system gives you unbiased and robust information of the produced quality of your products. Thus, any bias is removed, and you get the facts you need to make the right decisions. The Winteria system is an ideal tool to track the changes you make to your process during process optimization and also conduct the final verification before start of production. It is our experience that if the customer works with their process, the welding speed and overall productivity can be increased by 50%, sometimes even more.

The Winteria system monitors the produced quality to make sure that no products which are not according to your standards will reach the final customer. We help our customers to utilize the full potential of their production equipment.

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