Winteria FLEX™

A modern handheld and highly portable system for quality inspection of welded structures.


The Scanner

With input from our customers we have developed a flexible and easy to use handheld system for quality inspection of welded structures.


Instant Quality assessment

The operator gets a direct answer whether the inspected weld has failed or passed according to a chosen quality standard.

The operator can very easily get detailed information about the inspected weld.

Information about how the quality values of the weld varies along the inspection, min, max, mean values and much much more.


Access to data

When performing an inspection with the portable inspection system, the data is accessible instantaneously from the Winteria servers.

This enables other personnel to access the data directly after the inspection and even meanwhile the operator or operators are performing the inspections.


High Flexibility

The Winteria FLEX™ is highly flexible and mobile making it easy for an operator to inspect components in different environments.

With 3G or 4G modem the system can be operated without any WiFi network present

Patented solution

The inspection system is able to measure the position of the inspection points of the weld relative to the start position with a non-contact technology.

Winteria has patented a solution based on image processing technology.

Customer in focus

The Winteria FLEX system is customized for each customer

Quality Standard

For every customer Winteria always implements the customer specific weld quality standard if requested.

The ISO 5817 is the default standard implemented which always is included.

Customized Analysis

Winteria makes sure that the system works for every customer application.

By having a close and continous collaboration Winteria helps their customers to configure and use the system in an optimal way and when the system fails to inspect and analyse a particular object Winteria improves the product to make sure it does.

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