Winteria is happy to announce that ESAB have pre-ordered Winteria’s handheld scanner to their Value Added Engineering (VAE) team in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Value Added Engineering team is a part of ESAB technical customer support providing specialist knowledge on how to maximize the potential of ESABs welding equipment and consumables in their customer products and operations. A typical task for the team could be to help their customers to identify optimal welding setup parameters to produce the highest weld quality and thereby maximize the service life of the component and achieve the highest productivity.

“We have chosen to work with Winteria since they have an innovative technical solution which we believe will be a valuable tool when we help our customers to improve their welding processes”

Dick Skarin, Head of the VAE team at ESAB

By pre-ordering a system, ESAB supports the final development and the industrialization of the Winteria FLEX™.

The Winteria FLEX™ is scheduled to be available for delivery in March 2020.

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